Saturday, May 2, 2009

the search

I have spent the last few months searching for the best airfare home this summer. I found an AMAZING deal two weeks ago but hadn't gotten the official word from my doctor that I was allowed to travel this summer. So we didn't buy them, just in case. I am kicking myself for that because it was the cheapest price I have ever seen or heard of for round trip flying to the US. Not only that, but the flight times, layover times, and airport transfers were ideal, what I would pick if I had my choice. And now I am okayed to go. Two weeks later. Ugh. I guess better safe than sorry, right?

I did find the second cheapest I have ever seen, however the layover is in Paris and only an hour. I have purposely avoided flying through Paris because I have heard nothing but horror stories of the Charles De Gaulle airport. So is it really worth the money saved if we risk missing our big flight over the Atlantic? Plus, the website has these great little symbols, and it said they are on time less than 75% of the time, the lowest of all the airlines. So I am wondering if it's worth it... Remember that we'll be traveling with a toddler. 

And having done this a few times, I have learned what times are best in order for my body to adjust to the time changes, and now with having Seth, I am very mindful of what times we are landing and taking off. What time will Seth's body think that is? How much of that time could he realistically sleep? How will that work with waking and sleeping time for the day we take off and the day we land? Of course it requires flexibility and a knowledge that he will be cranky with his sleeping messed up, but I would like to minimize that as much as possible. For all of us. :)

Zsolt truly blessed my heart the other day. He told me to check if it's cheaper to fly in and out of Vienna, and if it is, he would drive us there. I was just so touched by that! I am amazed at how helpful and giving he and Gabi are to us. And FYI, I checked and it was the same price.

There is only one direct flight between the entire US and Budapest, and that is through JFK in New York with Delta. They just need to have a direct flight to Chicago. Seriously.

For all of our family members who are waiting to hear when we are coming, we're still searching. 


Stefanie said...

I assume you are referring to me since I email you, and write on your facebook wall about this every day. Oh, I left you a voicemail about it today, too.

Anonymous said...

Max (neighbor works at United) says to wait - prices coming down due to swine flu. Love Dad