Friday, May 1, 2009

missing letters

I am tying on a lato that doesn't have an "...m, n, o, __, q, r, s, t, __, v, w..." I can't tye those letters so yo have to figre ot which one of those two letters are the ones that belong in all of these tyos.

I had a great afternoon eating brnch (in the afternoon by the way) and making jewelry with some awesome ladies. Thanks Kacie for organizing, sharing, and doing all of that! It was a lot of fn! And now I have a sweet necklace and matching earrings. :) And the conversation was excellent, too!

Actally, tying with missing letters is qite annoying. There are several words I wanted to write bt coldn't becase there were too many missing letters to even know what the word was. I am done writing on this blogost becase I can't stand it anymore.