Wednesday, May 20, 2009

last english class

Back row: Zsolt, Kristyan, Bence, Zoli, and Norbert
Front row: Marti, me, Emese, and Brigi

Tonight was the last night for English class. Michelle took this group picture for us. Thanks, Michelle! (By the way, I am crouching down so that Bence could be seen. Either I'm pretty tall or these Hungarian chicas are pretty short!)

I made a cake, we played some games, we just chatted. It was so nice. Attila (who runs and organizes the whole thing) had such nice things to say about Michelle and me and then prayed a special blessing upon us. I don't know if I will continue teaching it next year. The fall is pretty much out of the question, since I'd have to stop a month after it started, but the class asked that I still be in touch and come visit even if I'm not teaching. They gave me several lovely gifts, which I was completely shocked and totally touched by, and they were just so kind. And despite pregnancy hormones on top of already being an emotional person, I managed not to cry. That was good. :)

I did get choked up on the way home though thinking about the relationships I have developed with them and how far some of them have come in their English language. Several of them were in my class last year, too. Zoli had to have almost everything translated, and he barely said a word, even if asked. Now he is one of the first to volunteer and he will chat in conversations. Although Norbert knew and understood more than he let on, he really started taking great initiative and tried things as he grew comfortable. The same goes for Emese, and well, for all of them! I have come to really know and love this group. We have had so many great laughs together! There were several who were not there tonight, so I am sad not to be able to say goodbye to them. But the group there tonight were the dedicated ones who came faithfully and really worked at the language. I was glad to end the year with my favorites!

But don't tell them I said that because teachers aren't supposed to have favorites. :)


Kacie said...

So, just wanted to inform you that ICSB has blocked the picture on this post because it says there is "nudism" in it. Should I be worried about what you're posting here? ;)

Kristen said...

Ha ha!!! Not to worry...We're all clothed in the picture. :) But that's funny.

Audrey said...

First, weird filtering problem! I can see the photo just fine. Next, you look great! Cute dress, my dear. Finally, I am so thankful for the ministry you've had in addition to all you do as a wife, mom, and friend! Even when preparing for a Wednesday evening class was the last thing you wanted to do or had the strength for, God used your faithfulness and produced/is producing fruit that will last. :)