Friday, May 22, 2009

awards night

ICSB had their awards ceremony tonight. They give out awards for athletics, academics, and character. Always a great night and fun to honor students who work hard and especially wonderful when they give credit to whom credit is due. :) Kevin did a nice job presenting the basketball awards, as always, funny and personable.

The school has so many fantastic kids, and I did get choked up two different times, mainly thinking of the students who I have come to know and love and will be leaving after this school year, be it that they are graduating or moving. I was talking to one mom about how much I love her son and am going to miss him when they move back to the States, and she just cried. Possibly the hardest part of living here is saying goodbye all of the time. That goes for staff who are leaving too. :(

So you make the most of the time you have with everyone. You never know when it'll be the end. I guess that's true in all of life, but saying goodbye is inevitable and a fairly regular part of life here. I look forward to wonderful reunions in heaven one day!!!

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