Monday, May 25, 2009

thoughts on a baby name

There are only a few dozen people we know who are currently expecting babies or have had babies in the last few weeks. CRAZINESS!

So Kevin decided to start thinking of names he likes, even though we have a couple weeks before we find out what we're having this time. This is his top pick:

Matinee Geug (pronounced "jug") Yaiko

Yah, he wants to know your thoughts on this name for a boy. You need to know that the middle name is the combination of his father's name (George) and my father's name (Doug).

I could go on and on about other comments he has made in regards to this name, but I can already see my sister rolling her eyes. So I'll spare you all. You can thank me later.

And our future son or daughter will thank me later that I did not allow their father to name them that.


Kacie said...

How about Dorge? Why Matinee?

Or, you could use the word verification words as suggestions.
Today's name suggestion: Uperpg

Anonymous said...

You don't need to use my name! I was think Derek (Jeter) or Arod - something along those lines! Love, Dad

Stefanie said...

Yes, I am :)

Aimee said...

Hilarioius... only Kevin would even think of things like this. And I won't thank you later - I'll thank you right now for not putting your child through that kind of torment ;) If I'm being honest, I'm hoping for a girl this time! There are so many beautiful girl names... perhaps then Kevin wouldn't be so prone to mangle them quite as badly (though I suppose that's all up for debate!). Love you and miss you!

OH! And if we're going with Kacie's suggestion (also hilarious!) the baby name for today would be "Deingshi"

Kevin said...

Matinee is a beautiful name for a girl or a boy (like Seven). You also don't have to waste time looking up it's meaning as everyone loves an early show.