Thursday, May 14, 2009

catching up once again

Ah! We have been so insanely busy this past week. And not having the laptop means that during napping moments or a few lulls in the day I can't blog or email. Seth is in bed, so I am over here trying to catch up on all of that at school. I'm whooped.

We have had something going on every evening for a week now and will continue to for still several more nights, and then we start babysitting once again this weekend for almost two weeks. We have never stayed with this family, but I know the kids pretty well and enjoy them. The youngest I had in second grade last year, and his name is Seth, too. :) Another family has asked us three times now to babysit, but it hasn't worked out yet. And it's not because Kevin and I are so's because everyone loves our Seth. Ha ha.

Most exciting news is that we bought our plane tickets home this week!!! We fly home into Chicago on June 9. We only have like a dozen places we need to be after that and before we leave in mid-August, so it'll be packed. But I am so excited. And we got a SWEET deal on the tickets. That was truly God providing for us. Praise the Lord! Flying over the ocean is not cheap.

One more week of ELI. Several of the students joked that they would cry. And then they asked for my email. I don't know what I'll be doing in the fall with expecting another baby and all, but I hate to lose the relationships I have built with several of them in particular. But teaching class is out of the question for most of the fall. I guess I'll just have to take it one day at a time and see how life will be with another one. I truly love so many of them and would hate to not get to see them every week!

Totally shifting gears here, but I was SUPER annoying the other night to Kevin, totally on purpose of course. I got "The Sound of Music" DVD in the mail for Mother's Day. I have owned 3 copies of it on VHS but never on DVD. And this is the 40th anniversary edition with HOURS of bonus material. Any guesses as to what I have been doing while Seth is napping? I have been in heaven. And Kevin managed to watch the last hour of the film with me while I told him any little fact or detail he could ever possibly want to know. In the final scene when they're hiking over the mountain to escape, I knew he was already annoyed and yet he graciously allowed me to tell him "one last thing." What a trooper! I haven't watched all of the bonus material yet, but I know even more info after watching some of it. And the tour guide I had in Salzburg made it into the bonus material!!!!!!! That guy was awesome, so it brought a smile to my face.

Well, that's it. Too much going on and too much to write. Seriously wanting to move and looking into options. Praying about my heart in this matter and analyzing it to death. Praise the Lord for good friends who have been encouraging and truthful to me as I ponder these things. God is good. All the time.


Life with Ash and Ave said...

So excited you're coming home! I look forward to finally meeting that cute little boy of yours...and I'm sure you're looking forward to Target.


Kristin said...

I can't wait to see you guys this summer. I am going to try and get to IL in June, so hopefully you won't escape to Ohio or New York for the weekend I am there! :) I can't wait to finally meet Seth and of course spend some time catching up in person with you!

Anonymous said...

Stef started a calendar on the frig for Daniel - counting the days until cousin Seth comes to visit!