Friday, May 8, 2009

warsaw is one step ahead of budapest

I stole the link to this article about the arrival of Starbucks in Warsaw from Audrey, dearest friend of mine who is an avid fan of spending time in coffee houses. As a matter of fact, I have spent countless hours with Audrey in various coffee shops around here, our favorite of course having been Gloria Jean's before it had to leave the country of Hungary because of taxes. And after our goodbye to Gloria Jean's, she did introduce me to Coffee Heaven.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don't like coffee. At all. But I love sitting in cafés or coffee shops, just sitting back and chatting with a dear friend while getting lost in the ambience and culture of it all. It can be quite intoxicating, even for someone such as myself who does not like coffee. (By the way, there are countless other delicious drinks served at these places for people like me.)

Starbucks has been promised to Budapest for years, although it has not made it here yet, all while Prague opened up their first Starbucks last year and now Warsaw has it, too. I'm okay without having a Starbucks here. But it will be an extra special treat if it does ever come here. :)

I do love so much of the European culture and the notion of having all sorts of cafés with outdoor seating. Even if people are waiting for a seat, they never hurry you up. That's not the nature of what happens in these settings. You can take as long as you want. It's really quite wonderful. Unless of course you're the one waiting!

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Julie said...

The California Coffee Company is super nice and all over the place with free Wi fi, just to let you know if you haven't been there yet. And just so you know... there are a few places here that rush you out if you are finished and people are waiting... mostly pastry shops... it is funny and annoying at the same time