Wednesday, April 22, 2009

trash days

Well, we are having some computer problems now. Actually, our laptop is running just fine (praise the Lord!) but the power cord is not working. Not sure what the deal is. So until we get it fixed or figured out, we can't use the computer at home. Ugh.

But I am at school now checking email and whatnot since I had ELI tonight.

We are having trash days in Diósd right now. That means that anything you want to throw away the garbage men will pick up at your house. That means that the streets are filled with people's trash. It's crazy. There is so much junk. But like they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

The gypsies are out in full force right now digging through everyone's trash. I have learned in our short time here several unwritten cultural rules about this. The first thing is to be careful, not to tread on their trash pile. They will sit and wait for days around people's trash. They "claim" it as their own. Also, be mindful of what's going on. It's just not safe to ever have your door unlocked or to have your door open while talking to someone who is outside.

The old cars are up and down and all around the streets right now, pulling trailers and hauling away all sorts of things. It wasn't like this at all this past fall. Maybe the spring trash days are better? I don't know, but it's crazy. And everyone seems to know it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how we miss BIG trash days in Diosd, Erd and Budapest..LOL