Monday, April 20, 2009

magnum bar

I really wanted some ice cream this afternoon, so Seth and I took a walk to the CBA in town to pick up a Magnum bar. Seriously, that is the best ice cream bar ever. The thick chocolate layer on the outside is oh so good, and the vanilla ice cream underneath is smooth and delicious. I love Magnum bars.

The rule when going shopping is that you always pick up a basket. This way they don't think you're trying to steal. So even for a silly little ice cream bar, I picked up a basket. Then Seth decided he wanted to carry the basket. He carried it awkwardly, since it was so big compared to him, through the tiny store. The women who work there already love him, and this just made the ladies in there squeal with delight. Yah, my kid is adorable. :)

I wish I would have had the camera with me because when we got outside, we sat on a bench and Seth enjoyed his first Magnum bar with me. His entire face lit up, and he repeatedly said, "Mmmmmm!" after every bite. He wanted to hold the stick himself, but I wouldn't let him until I got near the end and just let him have at it by himself. The sheer delight was worth the 349 forint I paid for this ice cream treat that was gobbled up in a matter of minutes.

I think he ended up wearing half of what he actually ate. And of course like any good mom, I didn't have a single napkin or tissue in my purse because I had just cleaned it out.


Michelle said...

The classic magnum is by far the best out of all the varieties! I can just picture tiny Seth carrying the large red basket and I can even hear him enjoy that ice cream bar! :)


Anonymous said...

We will stock up for for visit! Love Dad