Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have felt so disconnected recently because of not being able to get on the internet due to our laptop power cord issues! At first I thought really how pathetic I was for feeling that way, but then again, it is my main way (and only way for most) of staying in touch with anyone not around here. We are babysitting this week, so I am using their computer while Seth naps. I feel reconnected now. :)

And now that I have typed that, I really don't have anything to say. Life is busy right now and will continue to be so until we leave. But I don't think it'll slow down once we get to the US either, so I guess life is just going to be really busy for awhile. For everyone who has asked, we don't know when we will be where. I have a feeling that this summer will not be long enough and that I will feel like I didn't have enough time with anyone anywhere. 

I guess a prayer request I can share is about housing for next year. We are not in a desperate situation where we have to move, but we would like to. But there are many others who HAVE to move. Housing is a huge battle. Prices are INSANE. It is not fun. Ugh.

And I have been spending a lot of my time thinking and worrying about many things. I have to keep reminding myself that I serve THE God who is bigger than all of those things. Jesus gave that wonderful sermon on the Mount that talked about worrying and how pointless it is. And yet I still do it. Maybe one of these days I will actually get it!

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Julie said...

I will be praying that you get another place, especially now that baby number two is coming.

Have fun in the states this summer seeing your loved ones!