Sunday, April 5, 2009

i'm back!

I had such a great time on the retreat this weekend! It was fantastic to get away and spend time with other women serving in Central and Eastern Europe with UWM. Besides the ones in Hungary, I only met the other women this past summer at our regional retreat, so it was fun to reconnect and get to know them better. There were 10 of us on the retreat (plus one adorable 6 month old little girl), and three women were unable to make it. As you can tell, UWM is a small mission. But I love them!

I didn't bring my camera because I left it here in case Kevin wanted to take pictures or video of Seth if he did anything. I wish I would have had it to take some pictures of this quaint town, but Zsofi sent us a few of hers.

I really missed Seth and Kevin. Kevin and I have been apart many times, but this was the first time I had left Seth. That was weird. I seriously got choked up when I said goodbye. But as we got into the weekend, I honestly did enjoy some time to do whatever whenever without having to worry about nap times, feeding times, etc. It was also super nice not to have to think about making dinner or any of that. It was fun to get away from all sorts of responsibilities for a couple days. I wondered if I were a bad wife and mother for saying that, but then I thought that everyone needs a break at some point.

And this truly was a retreat. So many times groups have what they call "retreats" and it is anything but. I have now been on two retreats with UWM since last summer, and they both have been exactly that. I am grateful for them so much and their desire to give us time to get away and relax and have time to connect with one another and more imporantly with our Heavenly Father.

It was also fun to share a room with Heidi and stay up late talking. I don't think most of us got as much sleep as we had planned, but then again, we stayed up way too late talking with one another by choice because we didn't have any kids to wake us up in the morning or anything like that! It was a good tradeoff. :)

Kevin was playing in a staff/student/parent volleyball tournament at the school when I got back Saturday. Seth was off running around with other kids and various middle and high school girls looking after him. I never have to worry going over to the school that someone isn't watching him or playing with him! Anyway, when Seth saw me, his whole entire face lit up and he just ran into my arms, hugged me, and put his head on my shoulder for a bit. He even willingly sat in my lap for almost 5 whole minutes as we watched a volleyball game. Then he was done, but I loved his joyful face when he saw me. I might have to go away more often so that I can get that reaction. That was priceless. My heart soared. :)

Now back to regular life and routines. The weather has been insanely gorgeous for about a whole week now, and we have spent most of our time outside. Kevin bought Seth a soccer ball at the grocery store while I was gone that he could kick around outside. He is a basketball player at heart because he is trying to dribble it with his hands instead of kick it. But he will kick it now and then.

Four days of school this week because of Good Friday, and then we have spring break next week. It has been a long time waiting for a nice break, so we are planning on enjoying it and this beautiful weather!


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a chance to get away. I remember when you mom went away and left me with you for a weekend. You woke me up asleep on the couch ("watching" a ball game) with an extremely messy diaper. I picked you up and set you in the tub - clothes and all! Not a good baby sitter I guess. Love, Dad

Kevin said...

Not much has changed.

Julie said...

it is sad to leave your little guys... and so great to see their faces when you return. Glad you had a great retreat and could enjoy it away from the fellows!
And the weather has been great, hasn't it?!??!!? love it