Wednesday, March 4, 2009

still working on it

Not much is new. I am still working on going to Salzburg. Renting a car is not that expensive, but finding a reasonable hotel rate is. If I didn't have a little boy, I would go the way of hostel. But yah, that's not going to happen with him. Anyway, Kevin says "just go." My family says the same. All my friends say the same. I WANT to! It's just hard deciding to spend money on it. Ugh.

We had even more new people at ELI tonight! I had six new ones again, plus most of them from last week returning. The one guy who asked lots of questions and made me laugh moved up to the next level. He came to apologize to me because he felt bad, and I told him no need for an apology! He speaks English very well, and he should move to a higher level! I loved that he wanted to check with me first, though. I like this old man a lot! Zsolt said that Attila put an announcement in the local paper about the class, hence so many new people over the past two weeks. That is good and exciting!

Seth is super happy to be home. He has loved running around, knowing his boundaries, playing with his toys. We went to school to visit Kevin the other morning and return a few things to school. He acts like he owns the place. We went to spend the afternoon with Kim and baby Ethan today, and I just have to say that I am SO glad we don't have a newborn right now. I was a nervous wreck that Seth was going to do something to him. He was fine, but I didn't let him get too close, although it was adorable to watch him try and peek at him from around the backside of Ethan's little bouncer seat. I can't imagine trying to feed and take care of a newborn and Seth staying out of trouble during that time. Ha!

And one of my favorite pictures from the basketball tournament...

I still CANNOT believe that he fell asleep like that during the crazy, screaming tournament and at this age! This wasn't even during his normal nap time and lasted for 45 minutes. I took him home to sleep for naps. But as you can see, this little guy was quite tuckered out!

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