Friday, March 6, 2009

no go

I'm blogging from home, which means that I (we, including Seth!) didn't go to Salzburg. We decided that on Thursday morning. I was coming down with a yucky sore throat (but am feeling much better today), and we thought it would be best for Seth to stay home after the craziness of babysitting for so long and then the basketball tournament last weekend. Kevin is exhausted as well, even before the tournament began. They are still on the road to Salzburg now, and I am happy to be at home and have Seth in his bed sleeping well. We want to go there over spring break where we can enjoy the time as a family. So it ended up working out for all of us. :)

Becky and I took the kids to IKEA tonight for dinner. All this month they are offering 10 meatballs and a side in their restaurant for only 100 forint, which is about 40 cents! That was way cheaper than anything else, and we love IKEA meatballs. :) And we were able to get enough to take some home for leftovers, which will be used in meatballs subs this week for dinner. Yum!

Anyway, it should be a calm, lazy weekend. Kevin won't get back until after we're in bed Sunday night, so it's just Seth and me ALL weekend. It'll be good.

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