Sunday, March 1, 2009

go bulldogs!

I like this picture. Drew is the funniest kid. He is the youngest of the Hollowell family (our UWM leaders here in Hungary). I could tell numerous hilarious stories about him. He cracks me up! He asked me to take his picture. I love Seth just checking him out. They do play well together. It's super cute.

Obviously it was a busy weekend with the basketball tournament, and then our internet hasn't been working again. I need to have someone call and ask them what's going on with our service, since I can't speak to them myself.

Anyway, wrap up of the tournament... Boys took third place after losing a couple tough, close, nail-biter games. Of course that was a disappointment, but they are looking forward to next year already as the team is young and will even be better next year. Girls won the tournament, so that was super exciting. :) The juniors sold lots of food and American candy at the concession stand. We hope they were able to make some money for their class trip, even with several last minute changes and surprises that ultimately affected them in a not-so postitive way. Oh well. But it was a fun weekend. And Seth is WIPED OUT!!!

But before wiping out, Seth entertained the crowd during half time of one of Kevin's games. Someone took some adorable pictures of him and are going to email me them. He was dying to play with the basketballs during every game (I must have heard him say "ball" six million times while pointing!), so I told him that he could go out on the court after I saw the opposing team leave the gym. He ran out there and couldn't decide which one of the basketballs to play with. He took turns picking them up and trying to dribble them. Everyone started clapping for him. Then he kicked into gear when he realized he had an audience. He proceeded to run around with the ball and entertain with his moves. The crowd cheered and clapped. It was so funny. And typical. And appropriate, seeing that his father is the head coach and that the director of the school has deemed him the mascot of the school. So he did his job well!

Three families talked to us over the weekend about babysitting their kids. Crazy!

I had some really neat conversations with a couple Hungarian women I have gotten to know. I have appreciated them helping me out with my huge lack of Hungarian. :) I also was able to spend time with other teachers I haven't been able to hang out with in a long time. It was really nice.

So life should be back to normal. Kevin heads to Salzburg this weekend for another basketball tournament, and then the basketball season is finished. I REALLY want to go. I have wanted to go there since kindergarten. I don't think it's going to happen, but you better believe that I'm going to try to figure it out all week.


Stefanie said...

Since Kindergarten, really? Hmm. Maybe it's another one of those things you *think* you remember.

Just catching up on your blog since I don't get to read it during the week.

Anonymous said...

GO!! Work it out. I've never known you not to figure out a way if you really want to do something. GO!!!!! Love, Dad