Thursday, February 26, 2009

pep rally

We went to the pep rally they had at school today for the basketball tournament. I had to go and support my man. :) They introduced the teams, had a screaming contest, and did the school "dance," or whatever you want to call it. It was fun. The other entertainment was a shooting contest with Kevin and several elementary students. All of the boys were students of mine last year! He had to shoot from almost half court. He had so many super close ones that just hopped out! But then he also made some, and the kids went WILD! I got it on film. Not sure if and when that will get downloaded, but it sure was fun. Oh, and it was crazy hair day for spirit week, hence some funky looking hair in the picture. :)

The first game of the tournament was tonight against our biggest rival. The boys were missing several players, but they did really well. They were down by ten and came back, only to lose by one in the end. It was really exciting! They did better than we thought, and Kevin was super pleased with how the guys played. It was a great night. Looking forward to the rest of the tournament this weekend!

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