Tuesday, February 17, 2009

we got snow

It snowed a bunch in the last day or so. I should say it snowed a lot for us, nothing compared to what my in-laws get every winter just south of Buffalo, NY. And by the way, they can keep it there! Anyway, the snow plow didn't clear the road, so it's been difficult to get in and out. Fortunately the one thing we had to do today was cancelled. I was glad so that I didn't have to get stuck on this big hill on which the Jackson's live.

The major bummer is that we never made it to the hospital to visit Kim, Gary, and little Ethan. That was the plan, but they got home late from basketball and got stuck. Then we got everyone fed, and we didn't have enough time to go out and make it back before volleyball (no dance for now...not sure if there is a level 3 and if we're doing it!). Then volleyball ended up being cancelled, but it was too late by the time we found that out. I am bummed we didn't get to see them. Tomorrow won't work because of English class. Oh well. I just really wanted to go.

I am glad everyone is safe and sound here and that all of the cars are parked safely at the house as well. :)


Julie said...

I am confident they understand! Glad you are all safe up on that big hill, I don't envy you...ugh

Michelle said...

Justin and I wanted to go too, but b/c of the snow Justin didn't think it was a good idea. We did speak with Kim though and she doesn't know when the pediatrician will give the ok to go home. Kim said Ethan looked a bit yellow so they will probably stay at least another day.