Wednesday, February 18, 2009

it happened

Yep, we got stuck. I picked the kids up from school, and we made it all the way up the huge hill until the very last turn. We started to slide back down, and we had no traction. I tried the hill again and ran into the same problem. Six eager kids were excited to get out and help push the van up the last bit. We finally made it!

Then I had to open the gate into the driveway. (Remember that all houses here have gates and fences around the yard.) That means we had to stop again. That means we got stuck again. No momentum to get going. Tires spinning and going no where. Kids hop out again to push. Lezlee from across the street comes to help. Many tries later, we are free. Yeah!

This entire thing took 15 minutes to go less than 100 meters. The kids could have almost walked home from school in that time!

Then tonight, Zsolt took me home after English class. (Long story as to why I couldn't drive.) He was up the hill and into their driveway in one try and without any problems. Ugh. Tomorrow should be no problems as the snow is pretty well packed down now. The problem is when the sun is out and it starts to melt and becomes that yucky slush stuff.

Anyway, we are all home safe and sound and enjoying the winter wonderland, our first really since moving here!


Anonymous said...

I thought I taught you better than that! Growing up in Chicago, going to college near Buffalo, living in Buffalo your first year of marriage - and you let a little snow play havoc with you?!?!?!? Love, Dad

Kevin said...

Give her a little bit of a break. The cars don't all have snow tires, noboby plowed the part in front of our house, you have to make 2, ninety degree turns will going up a super steep incline and she is a woman driver. On the other hand, I was 3 for 3 in making it up the hill yesterday - stopping to open the gate two of those times. :-p

Kristen said...

Kevin failed to mention that the car he was driving had snow tires.

Michelle said...

I am glad you made it safely up that hill. That is no small feat without snow tires and it being slushy and muddy! And way to go with putting the Jackson kids to work. It's good for them to get a little dirty. :)

Julie said...

I am glad you all made it safely too. UGH. I have a hard time on that hill with our tiny skoda without any snow... :)