Monday, February 16, 2009

another week

Driving up steep hills on snow covered roads is not fun. I barely made it up on the first try. Liz and Ben took three tries tonight. I dread trying to go down or up the hill tomorrow!

We were going to try to visit Kim today at the hospital since they had their little boy yesterday afternoon. It didn't end up working out due to running around for practices and appointments plus trying to get dinner ready and everything else. Hopefully we will get to see baby Ethan tomorrow! I am so excited for them!

The students had their Valentine's banquet this weekend. It has been fun to see their pictures and hear all about it. ICSB has some really great kids! Here is a picture I stole from a student off of Facebook. It's 14 of the 22 juniors who went to the banquet...the class we are co-sponsoring...

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Julie said...

yeah, Kim had her baby... how did it go? Do you know? I hadn't heard yet. His name is ethan, that is so nice. Are you still at the Jacksons? When do you get to go home? Maybe they won't have school tomorrow :) Would that be good or no...more kiddos around... And what video did you see of Zach?