Wednesday, January 14, 2009


School lets out early every Wednesday so that teachers can sit through hour and a half long meetings in the afternoon. (I scheduled all of my doctor's appointments when I was pregnant with Seth for Wednesday afternoons. Coincidence?) Today, however, they decided that due to the icy roads, that everyone was free to go home after school let out early, and they cancelled ALL afterschool activities. Kevin was happy about that.

Everything was cancelled except ELI. I was kind of bummed about that. Oh well. Showed up for class tonight, and I only had one student. The highest class level only had one student. We combined and just chatted in English. We were supposed to finish up our level 2 book tonight with a big test and start the level 3 book next week. Plans will get pushed back since I didn't want to go ahead with only having Zoli there. (Zsolt came halfway through.) I learned a lot about Hungarian government and their thoughts on their Prime Minister. No one likes him. He apparently lied to everyone for years and then the tapes of him lying were made public. Gabor (student in the highest level) said that the PM will lower taxes because spring of 2010 will be an election year and he wants to run again. Seems to me that people would see through that tactic. Anyway, it was good to talk in English and learn some things about Hungary that I didn't know, or at least had not talked about with my Hungarian friends.

Also, we had a talk about our school building I thought was funny. I mentioned before on this blog that the school added a massive expansion with a gym and the high school, from the original building when I was here student teaching. The school started the addition but ran into many problems with the company building it. To make a several year long story short, it was a big problem. Anyway, construction on the school halted. The people of Diósd were not thrilled because it was a halfway done building that just stood there looking ugly for a year or two. It's the first thing you see when you enter Diósd as you come in from the city. Plus, you need to understand just how LARGE of an addition this was to the original school. It's 5 stories tall, which is pretty big for a little town. They obviously did finish building it. The town ovada (preschool) is right across the street from the high school portion of the school, and the townspeople joked that the children would never see the light from the sun again with this huge building now blocking it. Apparently they are all pleased with how nice it is now, and Gabor said that the view from our top floor looking over Diósd is great. So in the end everyone is happy, but it was a bumpy road to get there.

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