Tuesday, January 13, 2009

first home game

Kevin had his first varsity home basketball game tonight. The gym was packed. It was very exciting! They were neck-in-neck for almost the entire first half, and then the other team just took off scoring. We were down by 16, and then with seconds left in the game, we were only down by 2 or 3. They called a ridiculous "travel" call on what was really a pivot, so the ball was turned over. They ended up losing by 5. It was a close game and a fun one. By the way, they ended up losing to this team earlier in the season by over 20. I'd say there was improvement! Way to go Bulldogs! (And I meant to bring the camera to take some pictures, but I forgot. Oops!)

Seth was very interested in the basketball game. I think this is for two reasons, one, there is a ball in the game, and two, he could see his daddy across the court. Seth is obsessed with balls, especially basketballs. He wakes up every morning and from every nap asking for a ball and then comes downstairs to find one. It's so funny. One word he says over and over and over again is "ball." Anyway, he was excited and wanted to get out there. Let's just say the the 3 day long basketball tournament that our schools hosts at the end of February will be anything but relaxing for me. I am grateful for everyone who desires to hold him, especially Becky who is so good with him. He tried darting out on the court numerous times.

There were many kids at the game (and by "kids" I mean elementary school age children), and Seth just loves a certain few to death. Why? I don't know, but it's so hilarious. He has no problem leaving me to go to one 7 year old boy in particular. He tries to tackle Quentin, and he hugs his legs. We will be babysitting Quentin and his siblings a bunch over the next month and a half, and I will be homeschooling Quentin while his older siblings go to ICSB. I think it'll be fun since Seth adores him so much.

And while at the game, I was approached about leading the Spiritual Emphasis Week for the elementary school. I should say co-leading. It's during one of the crazy weeks we are babysitting, so I have to check. It's something that I know nothing about nor what to do. I would be leading with Serina, who is our leader with her husband Chad for UWM. I would enjoy doing it with her. We'll see what happens!

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Michelle said...

I think you would be great co-leading the elementary SEW! And I'm sure the kids would love to see you.

Enjoy the "ice day".