Thursday, November 20, 2008

days 13 and 14

Yesterday was not the greatest of days as I was not feeling well and then only got worse after teaching English last night. Talking for two hours did not help a sore throat and cough. But I was grateful for last night's class because we hit this major road block in language. The reason why I was grateful for this was because I felt like I actually taught them something. I'm sure they learn just through hearing me speak and pronounce things correctly, but I have so many students in that class that range in age from 11 to 50 and are at varying levels of English speaking ability. It makes for a challenge to try and effectively "teach" them all. A few of them should be at higher levels because they know everything we do, but last night I think we covered something new for everyone. I could tell it frustrated a few of the advanced speakers, but we worked on it a lot. I think it ended well. It's funny because it was not a topic I thought to be difficult nor one I was prepared to spend so much time on because I didn't realize how confusing it was, being that I am a native English speaker and all. But I was grateful for that seemingly successful English class. Oh, and I was also grateful that I finally fell asleep at 1 a.m. because my throat hurt that bad.

Today, I was so grateful for Becky's surprise delivery to our house right before dinner...CHICKEN! Chicken is on sale this week at Cora for 999 forint/kilo. That's roughly $2.25 a pound. That's the cheapest I have ever seen chicken around here, usually found for close to $6 a pound. I had forgotten that the sale started today, but she went and bought me some. It was such a lovely surprise and one I greatly appreciated! I have been cleaning out the freezer over the last couple weeks in anticipation of some baking I will be doing, but now, I am thinking of stocking up on chicken while it is so cheap. I am grateful for cheap chicken!

I have also been grateful for a strengthening dollar and cheaper gas. I saw gas last night for 250 forint/liter. That's roughly $4.50 a gallon! It was twice that this summer, and now, that's the cheapest it's been the whole time we've lived here (in part due to the dollar strengthening). Who thought that we would be thrilled at that gas price? I am grateful for our car to get around, but I am also grateful that we can get around most days without one. I am grateful we live so close to the school that it's not an every day necessity.

By the way, I completely lost my voice. It's annoying but not hurting much at all. I'll take that over the pain from last night.


Stefanie said...

Kevin might be happy, he proceses internally, not externally.

Julie said...

I am sorry you are not feeling well. I do pray we can get together soon and I totally understand you couldn't get together today!!!
Praying you feel better quick!!!

Kacie said...

Since I know how much you love to do the random blog tag things... tag, you're up next! See my blog-