Tuesday, November 18, 2008

day 12

Until just a moment ago, I was really trying to think of how to turn my current frustrations into something I am grateful for. I was kind of coming up with something that sounded more positive than negative (like I am grateful that I had at least two decent bumps in volleyball tonight), but then I got a message from my sister and brother. I am truly grateful for them and their ability to make me laugh.

You see, I am the one in the family who has a hard time walking. I have the most scarred knees of anyone I know from all of the times I have tripped and fallen in my life...too many times to count. I was on a pretty long good streak until last year when I fell two (or maybe even three) times on our front steps here and then I had a massive fall in the mall when I was back home visiting last spring. Not only are most of my falls the kind that you can really laugh at (and I can laugh at myself too), but they are all types that my family asks, "How in the world did you do that?!" I don't know. But I do know that I have a serious knack for falling down.

Anyway, my sister wanted to let me know that she passed by the place in the mall where I took the tumble last spring and just started laughing right there in the mall remembering it all. What a good sister to make fun of me and then share in it with my brother. Awww. Now that's love.

I have thought a million times over how grateful I am for my family, and I think everyone knows that I am. I don't like being separated from them by an ocean, but I know that this is where God has us now and I wouldn't change that. But I do miss them lots. Oh, and on that note, I am grateful for Vonage which allows us to talk on the phone just like if I were back home (for a low monthly fee!).


Stefanie said...

Your 3 major falls in your life:

1. Falling in the Sweeney's sewer as a kid- priceless!
2. Tripping in the airport going up the escalator- (yes, up not down!).
3. Falling down the ramp at Woodfield with your stroller...(as the stroller goes flying down the ramp and Seth sleeps through it all!).

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the rest stop in PA on our way to the ocean when she tripped, fell and lost her ice cream cone! Then she wouldn't let me buy her another one. We love you kiddo! Dad

Anonymous said...

I thought of one more BIG fall - when she fell for Kevin. See I can be nice. Love, Dad

Stefanie said...

Hahaha she cried over the ice cream cone too. Hahaha.

Kevin said...

I think I knew she was for me when she tripped going up the stairs at the ski resort by my house in October 2000. It wasn't so much the tripping but her explaining to me that she couldn't decide whether to take one step or two and therefore took only 1.5.

Audrey said...

Ha! Oh, stop. This is too funny...and absolutely endearing. You Dunhams/Yaikos know how to crack me up. Kristen and Kevin, your hilarious and romantic and practical partnership kind of love is just beautiful.