Friday, November 21, 2008

day 15

I am grateful for the students at ICSB. They are some of the neatest kids I have ever met who have a heart for people all over the world. They are excited to spend their weekends ministering to people on the street through drama presentations, making kids feel loved by visiting orphanages, hosting a coffee house to raise money for an organization, or a number of other activities. Whenever I am at the school, I see students reaching out to each other and helping the new students feel welcome. They have a worldview that is different than most high schoolers in the US, which is to be expected, and it is refreshing. They are amazing kids.

I am incredibly grateful for the way they love us, too. I have shared before how many parents tell me how much their son or daughter loves Kevin, but their love for Seth, too, is just incredible. One mom told me two weeks ago that Seth has the largest family of anyone. She said this as 8 kids were standing around with Seth and playing with him during their lunch break. "Your son has lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins around here." Yes, he is loved very much by all of them. And the funny thing is that it's not just girls who are anxious to run up to him and play with him. There are plenty of male students who want to hold him and play with him, too! But whenever we go to school, we are instantly surrounded by lots of people who love us, well, mainly Seth but I pretend that it's me too. :)

My goal before next Wednesday (Seth's FIRST birthday!!!) is to make 100 cupcakes to bring over to school. I figure that the students do play a large part in his life one way or another so we are going to celebrate with the high schoolers during lunch. Wish me luck in getting these cupcakes done!

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Stefanie said...

That is an INSANE amount of cupcakes you know....