Wednesday, November 12, 2008

day 6

I am grateful for the Hollowell family. (They are our team leaders for UWM and the Central and Eastern European directors.) Today Serina and I took our boys to the aquarium they have here at a local mall. We had such a nice morning together and then sipped hot cocoa by a little Christmas display in the mall, which by the way is usually a fountain during the year. I was so impressed by this aquarium and all the fish it had, along with a few other reptile species.

I am so grateful for God's creativity! We saw such beautiful, unique fish, and Serina and I talked about God's individual design in each of them. I am grateful for his beauty in all of creation!

I am grateful that Zoli is feeling comfortable enough in English class to continually talk each week, as compared to last year where he barely spoke a word or was even willing to try. I am also grateful that Áron volunteered for the first time tonight in English class!

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