Tuesday, November 11, 2008

day 5

I am grateful for the opportunities we have to hang out with Zsolt and Gabi. It might be dance class, it might be playing volleyball, it might be English class, it might be a dinner together. I enjoy hanging out with them, and I am glad that we are all patient in trying to understand one another. They come pick us up for dance class each week, and I was so glad they invited us to join them. We missed last week's class because of babysitting, so we were a bit behind and just "off" this week. I am grateful for another chance next week! And I am grateful that other people can at least dance, even if I can't.

I am grateful for phone calls from Whittington. We have missed her since she moved back to the States this summer, but she is excellent at keeping in touch.

I am grateful for all of the things God has provided for us through the giving of so many others. Every night when we pray at dinner, we always thank the Lord for everyone who gives so that we can be here and that we can pay rent AND eat. There was a time there when we couldn't afford to do both. Our families have bought and shipped over anything we could possibly need for Seth (I have a feeling that whenever we move back that I will be shocked at all of the great baby stuff out there that I don't even know exists and most likely do not actually need!), and my sister continually sends me clothes that my nephew has outgrown. We are blessed beyond belief!

Although our families have seen this video, I thought I'd post it here as well because there was so much talk of dance tonight and my inability to dance. At least my son has a "good move." Enjoy!

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Stefanie said...

Daniel watched it 10x and did his "good move" each time too.