Monday, November 10, 2008

day 4 brought to you by the letter b

That's right, I am grateful for the letter "b." Why? Because my son loves to say words that start with "b" and then rambles on and on. I am grateful for all of his talking, even though I think he is speaking Hungarian since I don't understand most of his jabber. But he certainly loves to talk these days, and it's so fun!!! Some of his favorite b words: ball, basketball, balloon, buh-bye, breakfast, barn, bath, baby. He seriously knows the difference between "ball" and "basketball." I love it! And Kevin is super proud, too.

I am also grateful for last minute dinners with friends, especially when they bring apple crisp! (Thanks, Kacie!)

I am grateful for new life. I have found out that so many friends are expecting new babies right now, and that is such an exciting thing. I am grateful for these new lives growing inside all of the moms. I am grateful for God's care and love for each one of them. I am grateful and in awe of how God creates these little babies and how his timing in it all is just perfect. Amazing!

I am also grateful for these mild temperatures we have been having all fall. It's been so warm, and I have enjoyed it! Out on a walk today I spotted these pretty flowers still in bloom and basking in the sunlight.


Aimee said...

I would love to hear him saying all these words!! :) And I laughed out loud when I read this post title... makes me think of Sesame Street. CLASSIC!

Magyar Journey said...

Way to incorporate the letter b as you described the flowers, "still in bloom and basking..." I find it ironic that you are talking about mild temperatures, though, since now it's getting cooler. -Kacie

Kristen said...

Only you Floridians would think that this is cool! Well, I guess it is compared to the 70's we were having, but temps are usually around freezing now. I am loving the 50's!