Sunday, November 9, 2008

20 days of gratitude

Audrey and I finally got to hang out a bit on Friday night together. Things have been pretty busy lately, and we did get to spend a little time together then. We look forward to a break at Thanksgiving to enjoy more time together. But on Friday she was telling me that during the morning devotions with freshmen she is focusing on being thankful. So on her blog, she is doing 20 days of gratitude. I loved her idea, so I thought I'd do it too, although I have to do 3 "days" today since I'm a little beind. Some things might be more silly and others more serious, but nonetheless, I am thankful for them all.

So here we go...

Day 1 (Friday)

I am thankful for friends. God has provided me with friends here and friends back home who still love, support, and encourage me. When I think back to Friday, the two friends who I especially am thankful for are Audrey and Leah (pictured below with Seth when I was back in the US this past spring). I am thankful for ALL of my friends, but these two ladies were extra special on Friday (and they know why).

Day 2 (Saturday)

I am thankful for Oreo shakes. Yes, it seems trivial but when you can no longer buy your favorite cookie, it's a real treat to be able to have them. (By the way, I hardly ever bought them but it's now that I can't get them that I want them. Funny how that works.) Not only was it a special day because my milkshake was made with real Oreo's, but because I had an actual milkshake. When ordering any sort of milkshake here, it tends to be milk and some ice chunks. It's just not the same nor very yummy when you're expecting something more creamy. But Saturday was a special treat when Kevin and I went out and I got one. I was very grateful for that unexpected treat.

I am also thankful for movies they don't dub over in Hungarian so that I can watch it at the theater, another rare treat. I am thankful for Godly women who take an interest in me and pray for me, who encourage me and demonstrate his love. There are many women who are Godly examples in my life, and I am thankful for them all. (I won't even begin to brag about my mom and mother in-law!)

Day 3 (Today!)

I am thankful for Kevin's amazing pizza making ability. Sunday nights he makes dinner for us, and it's nice to not have to cook one night. And his pizza is absolutely delicious!

I am thankful for a nice check-out lady at the grocery store who actually helps me bag instead of watching me struggle to finish up at the end and pay while the person behind taps their foot.

I am thankful for God's sovereignty and his provision. He never ceases to amaze me in ways that I could never imagine. I am thankful for his promises in his Word.


Audrey said...

Yay for gratitude! And I really enjoyed our time on Friday. I am thankful for you and your friendship. You are a gift to me.

Kristin said...

Thanks, Kristen! I think I might follow suit and be thankful as well :)

Stefanie said...

Great post! We used to do this as an old small group everyday, puts things in perspective!

Julie said...

I would love to get his recipe for it on the blog will you? thanks!