Saturday, November 22, 2008

day 16

I am grateful every season for the first snowfall, and for this season, that happens to be today! We were downtown, turned the corner, and all of a sudden this fluffy white stuff started coming down. It was beautiful with that magical feeling that happens with every first snowfall. Then the wind picked up and it was blowing like crazy. We raced to the car because it was so cold, and then I tried to take a picture through the windshield. Not so good. But you can just imagine that it was really pretty. :)

And once again, the nation of Canada came up in my day. We drove back over the Chain Bridge (it had already stopped snowing by this point), and there were all sorts of Canadian flags flying with the Hungarian flags. No idea why. Then we went over to the Lang's to watch the big OSU vs. Michigan game tonight, and when I walked into the door, Miriam was dressed up as a Canadian mounty!! It was great.

And I am grateful that OSU once again beat Michigan.


(And all of you Ohioans answer...)



Stefanie said...

Me too!

Today, we were watching some videos from Hungary and dad was taping you (for some odd reason) jogging across the street. He said (on the video), "Wow she didnt' fall." So fitting considering this week.

Audrey said...

Yay! So glad you got to see some snow in the city. I headed in later to walk around in it, and--boy--did it start coming down! There is no way I was mistaken for a true local, because I was beaming like an idiot. Gorgeous snow! Now, if only they'll turn on the Christmas lights...

Kristen said...

Stef... And you want me to do a triathalon with you after all these comments?!

Stefanie said...

You could walk, not run. Remember my 56 yr old small group leader did it too! :)

Today, Daniel said Uncle PooPoo had a big bottom. Uh-oh, what does that mean about the rest of us?!