Wednesday, October 15, 2008

more ELI and another lunch

The people in my English class this year are so fun! I am loving teaching ELI this year, and a lot of that has to do with this group being talkative and willing to participate. We actually joke around, and we seem to understand each other better. I have students who are at varying levels of English speaking ability, but we do just fine. Last year I had a core group who came faithfully every week and then others who came here and there. This year I have had the same 8 students every week, and tonight I had 3 more. I like having such a small class as compared to last year. I definitely think that helps them feel more comfortable talking and gives me the opportunity to help them and get to know them better. I don't know if the three new people I had tonight will come back. One of them barely spoke any English, so I think she would do better at a lower level, but we shall see. I just think it's great that they come out and try week after week. I know from personal experience, obviously, how difficult and intimidating it is to learn a new language and try it with a native speaker.

And earlier today Becky had a little luncheon at her house in honor of Melissa (Pam's sister) coming back into town for a visit to see her new nephew. It was really nice to chat with lots of the great women around here. By the time we remembered to take a group picture, only half of us were left, but here are four of us: Becky, Julie, me, and Melissa. (By the way, I stole the picture from Julie. Thanks, Julie!)

And I totally want to put more pictures on my blog. I usually have the camera near by, but I don't remember to take pictures or there was nothing that day I wanted/needed to take pictures of. But I know how much I enjoy seeing pictures on everyone else's blog, so I will try to do better at that. I don't make any promises, just will try!