Tuesday, October 14, 2008

fun fun

What a fun day I had! I got to have lunch and spend the afternoon with a woman I greatly respect and admire. It was so nice! On top of that, when I was leaving, she asked what shoe size I was. When I told her, she offered me tons of shoes she was getting rid of (we're the same size), so I got a few pairs of cute new shoes! I would have loved to take several other pairs I saw, but I have no where to wear them, so I thought I'd be nice and not take them all and let someone else enjoy the others. Very fun!

Tonight Kevin and I went to our first dance class with Zsolt and Gabi. It was so fun! I was laughing a lot. I have no dance skills whatsoever, and having missed the first couple lessons, well, that didn't help matters. I was lost as they reviewed the Cha Cha. Definitely need more practice on that one. Then we all learned a new dance together, and I actually got that one down for the most part. I don't know the name of it. I'm sure the dance instructor said what it was, but since I don't speak Hungarian, I didn't quite catch it. I had no idea what he was saying for most of the night, but so long as I could see what he was doing, I did alright. He was kind and didn't make us pay to take the class tonight. He said if we liked it and wanted to come back, then we could pay for the other classes. How generous of him! We did enjoy our time, especially hanging out with Zsolt and Gabi, so we'll go back.

Thank you Jesus for such a nice day!


Kristin said...

Praise God for good days and evenings full of laughter!

Anonymous said...

I thought for sure you would mention that special phone call you received around noon! Love, Dad

Stefanie said...

Kevin said you were a dancing fool.