Monday, October 20, 2008

crazy busy days

We have had several crazy busy days. Good crazy busy days.

Friday night we had a get together for all of the Hungary UWM team. (It was at your old house, Christine!) We had such a nice evening with our team members, as usual. We got back pretty late, but Seth was his usual cheerful and entertaining self the entire time, even distracting at times. He loves to dance and bob his head to the music. Friday night was no different! We have such a great team. :)

Saturday involved a trip to several stores with my buddy Audrey. I really wished we had a dust buster, but I hadn't seen one here until a couple months ago. We couldn't afford one then, but this past Saturday I was able to get it. So exciting since I vacuum the floor where Seth eats several times a day. Anyway, the shopping was successful because I had also had to return something to IKEA. No big deal usually, but I had thrown out the receipt on accident, which I never do until I'm sure I'm keeping something. I was proud of myself for being able to return it without a receipt and using my extremely limited Hungarian. Incredible.

Then later Saturday evening I ended up going on a driving adventure to help Kacie return a van she had borrowed from a family. I've been to their house before, but it's been awhile and had never actually driven there myself, much less in the dark. It took us ten times longer because we got lost, although we were just one street off the entire time. We did make it, so I guess it turned out alright.

It was so late at that point, and we hadn't eaten dinner yet (because it took us so long), so we stopped at Subway for some sandwiches. I ordered in Hungarian the best I could and found out partially through the order that the woman actually spoke English. She helped me learn how to say a phrase or two, which was very helpful, but she allowed me to keep ordering in Hungarian. She said I did a good job. I'm sure the next person would say the opposite, but I am still counting that as a success. :) Kacie and I ended up spending the evening together baking cookies. It was a nice fun night.

And then last night, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving (which was a week ago today), thanks to Andrea, the librarian at the school who is from Canada. She invited us over as well as Audrey. She cooked up SO much food. I was astonished. It was all so good! Seth who loved her squash. Had many more conversations regarding the great nation of Canada, quizzed each other over the 10 provinces and territories, which we got, and just had a nice night.

I had my camera with me the whole weekend but managed to remember to take a picture only before we started eating last night. Better one than none!


Julie said...

Okay, I need to set up a date with you soon to figure out how to use some of this photo editing stuff. Not getting it... when are you free? Thanks!

New Beginnings said...

Thanks Kristen for the mention in your blog.:-).

I enjoy reading about what is happening in Hungary and around the school with everyone.