Tuesday, October 21, 2008

morning train

More dance lessons tonight. We reviewed all of the dances from the previous weeks first and then started to learn a new dance. I'm never going to be able to keep these dances straight. I definitely had a better handle on them this week though. Yeah for that. We continued a dance we started learning this week and danced to the "Morning Train (Nine to Five)" song. For any Seinfeld fans out there, all I could think of while I was dancing was George Costanza sitting in the little chair that took him up the stairs when he pretended to be handicapped.

After dance class, we played volleyball. I haven't played in 6 years. I was rusty. I was worse than rusty. I was TERRIBLE! It's no fun to play when you're terrible. Plus, I was the only girl and one of only two native English speakers (Kevin the other one!). Let's just say that I stunk it up good. Oh well.

Kevin's parents come tomorrrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stefanie said...

Give yourself some credit, boys are just good at volleyball and sports period. But I can't believe you played being the only girl.

Julie said...

have fun with Kevin's family here!!!