Monday, September 8, 2008


I have learned that there are many languages that do not contain pronouns. I don't know all the languages in the world, not even a fraction of them, but I am finding the ones I seem to come into contact the most (Hungarian obviously but a few others as well) do not seem to have these pronouns.

When Seth was born and we were in the hospital for DAYS (standard here), I remember several of the nurses (whose knowledge of the English language was VERY limited or almost nonexistent) kept referring to Seth as a "her" or "she." I corrected them a few times because I thought they thought that he was a girl, but I discovered that was not the case. They knew he was a boy but used the wrong pronoun all the time.

I have recognized the same thing over and over again with some of the Hungarians who speak to us in English and do the same thing. I have also recognized that with lots of the students at school whose native language is not English or Hungarian but something completely different. The native English speakers are always correcting those students, and I do get a chuckle out of it. I have learned just a few words so far that Hungarians use to separate certain things that we don't in English. Language is an interesting (and difficult!) thing.

I of course know that Seth is a boy, but I also think he looks all boy. It's funny because I have had only had one person ask me if Seth was a boy or a girl. So I think he must look like a boy to everyone else as well!


jennifer said...

that's funny! i have several friends here who have that problem, but it's not because of the pronoun thing.

The Schmit Clan said...

Hi Kristen;
A lady who spoke at my Bible study today was from Hungary. She has a wonderful accent! She said the hardest english words she had to learn the difference of were "sticky"and "stinky". It got a laugh out of all of us. Hope all is well...great pictures of Seth, he is adorable.