Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i thought i might only be able to count to 9 and a half from now on

So yesterday was my birthday. I really could care less about it, and it has nothing to do with turning a year older or anything like that. Birthdays just aren't a big deal to me. I guess if not a single person remembered or wished me a happy birthday I would be disappointed, but I always have had a nice birthday no matter what.

Yesterday definitely didn't start out well. For some reason, Seth decided to wake up at 3:30 in the morning. Neither Kevin nor myself were excited about that. He did eventually fall back asleep after putting up quite the protest. He was back up at 7:00 (his normal time), so I fed him and ended up falling back asleep myself. Bless Kevin's heart for getting up with him and running around with Seth and allowing me to sleep in late! That was a nice treat.

Later on I was making Seth more peaches to eat, and I nearly cut off the tip of my pinky finger. Let's just say that was not good, and after contemplating if I should go get stitches, I decided just to bandage it up in hopes of it healing without them. That was seriously not fun. I am scared to look at it today. Praise the Lord that it doesn't hurt, unless anything touches it. I am managing not to type with the littlest finger this morning, but I can still count to 10.

My day did turn out much better than it started. Audrey and her brother, who is here visiting, came over for dinner, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time we had to relax and hang out. I also received countless calls, messages, and emails from so many of you wishing me a happy birthday. I believe I had 4 people even sing to me over the phone! That's always fun. It also makes me feel loved and not forgotten about over here, which has been a struggle at times as I learn who my true friends are. So thanks to those of you who made me feel loved!

And by no means do I hold a grudge against anyone who didn't wish me a happy birthday. :) I honestly thought I wouldn't hear from too many because we are over here this year, so it was a pleasant surprise. I am terrible at remembering those important dates myself!

Oh, and a little side note... In the birthday card from my in-laws, they incluced an article they found in their town newspaper a week and a half ago: "Riot breaks out at gay march." That's right, the riot in Budapest made it to the newspapers in the US. I have read several news stories about it, and I saw this video on it, too. (If you click on that link and the video doesn't appear on the page, just refresh the webpage and it should work.) We were seriously right there in the middle of it, of course running away as it quickly turned violent. Not my most favorite moment ever but definitely one I won't forget.


Michelle said...

OH! Happy Belated Bday, Kristen! I am glad you had a good day, despite your morning. Is your finger ok?

Did Kevin and Seth give you a gift?

Kristin said...

Sorry I missed you birthday! I have no excuse because I saw Steph's post a day early.

I am sorry that you had such a rough start, but I am glad that it ended happily.

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday!

Julie said...

happy belated birthday... Sorry about your finger. Are you guys wanting to come down? Zach will be going back to BP on Friday and driving back here on Saturday... if you wanted, you could come and follow him down here. Let me know. It would be fun!

Aimee said...

I'm glad you made it through your birthday in just about 1 piece :) Hope your finger is feeling better today. And I just want to tell you that the girl whose office is next to mine was standing at my door after I sang "Happy Birthday" to you yesterday. She was cracking up and just said, "wow - do you do singing telegrams often?" It was totally worth it, though, especially if it brightened your day! I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to actually catch up with you, but I'm glad you got the message. LOVE YOU!