Thursday, July 17, 2008


Kevin is at the movies (his first time here!) and Seth is sleeping. It's super quiet.

Update on the finger... Thanks to all who have asked. It was scary when I realized how bad it was. It closed up for the most part on it's own, but it's still kind of funny in the middle. The skin feels weird, and the sensation in my finger is different. It's just at one little spot, so it's not big deal. It's just the tip of the finger, and I'm just glad that it isn't hurting, even when I am typing with it now. I think it'll heal just fine.

I drove Felicia for the first time today. We aren't the type to name our cars (Jenny, I will always remember "Raisin"!), but that's the model name of the Skoda we have. We drove the van we are borrowing for the summer while my parents were here and whenever it was super hot because it has air conditioning, unlike the car. But it's been cooler these last few days, so we've been driving Felicia around. (We really don't drive much.) I thought learning a new clutch and all of that would be difficult, but this one is pretty easy. I really liked driving it! We've borrowed so many different cars, and by the time I get a handle on when and how to switch gears, we give it back.

And now a big storm is blowing through! I didn't know we were supposed to get one. Now it's not so quiet. Better go close the windows...


Kelly said...

I think you should post a picture of your thumb. I'd like to see it!

Kristen said...

I don't have a great camera or anything, so any close up doesn't turn out well. You can't see anything because it's too blury, and I can't focus it myself. I tried to do it earlier actually!