Sunday, July 13, 2008


We were so busy when my parents were here, and we thoroughly enjoyed the traveling and all that we did! Now that they are gone, it has just kind of been...blah. We are trying to get Seth back on more of a good napping schedule, and I have been in a cleaning mood. It has been super hot, near 100, so we have been sitting in front of a fan mainly and trying not to move in order to stay cool. A storm is supposed to come through and cool things off. Yeah!

Since I didn't do email or read blogs much while my parents were here, I have much to catch up on. That'll be on this week's list of things to do.

Back to menu planning as well. Ah, I loved not cooking!

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Julie said...

you need to come here and see us and the camp, I am sure you would love it. And Seth would have two little guys to play with!