Thursday, July 10, 2008

guest blogger: my mom!

Oh my, this is the first time I have ever blogged! I sure do enjoy reading blogs, but never thought I would write on one.

There are so many thoughts running around in my head right now.

I feel so humbled that God gave to us the opportunity to come and see Kristen, Kevin and Seth. I feel so humbled to see how our great and gracious God has taken care of them here, and how well they are doing. I feel so humbled to see the call of God on their lives. I miss them so much and yet to see how God is at work in their lives--who am I to question?

We have enjoyed every moment with them. Saying goodbye tomorrow will be so difficult. You bet it will be a very tearful goodbye!

God has also reminded me since being here in Budapest and in some of the other places we visited the lostness of humanity. You know you get busy doing your life in your place and forget how big this world is and how all these people need Jesus. I found myself praying for people as we passed by that they would hear the good news of the gospel. I found myself renewed in prayer for missionaries.

We had the opportunity to go to Prague. We stayed in the apartment of friends of ours from Ohio that are now missionaries there. I felt blessed by their generosity to stay in their place while they were back in the States! (I was looking forward to seeing them and little did we know that when we planned this trip that they would be back in the States!)

I was so taken with the beauty of the city--really! I just kept saying, "Oh my"!

We saw absolutely beautiful catherdrals. The scripture that came to my mind right away is in Isaiah 40:l8 "To whom, then, can we compare God? What image might we find to resemble him? Can he be compared to an idol formed in a mold, overlaid with gold and decorated with silver chains? Or is a poor person's wooden idol better? Can God be compared to an idol that might be placed on a stand so it won't fall down." With all the beauty and all the ritual, I just kept thinking how many have missed the one true living God who desires a relationship with us.

We have ended our time here in Budapest by having dinner with Nusi and her parents. (Nusi is the girl from the exchange program through our church back in 1998 and Kristen and her hav kept in touch all these years and God used Nusi to give Kristen a heart for the Hungarian people.) We had such a nice time and it was so good to meet her parents. The language barrier was a little hard but we managed to talk. Her parents were so kind and we felt so welcomed in their home. We had a typical Hungarian meal, and boy was it good!

I cannot believe that our time here is over and we are heading home--I am overwhelmed with God and His goodness to us.


Brittany said...

Yay! Kristen's Mommy, you did a great job blogging! Sounds like such a great trip! Have a safe trip home.

Stefanie said...

Wow...first email, then blogging.

Audrey said...

I really enjoyed getting to meet and spend time with you, though our times together were pretty eventful! :)
The empty beauty of the Czech cathedrals prompted the same thoughts from me. The God who should be worshipped seemed to be missing from the ostentatious ritual. People are SO lost, but we serve SUCH a God!
Have a safe trip home.

Julie said...

glad you had a great time! It is fun having your kids here.