Monday, June 30, 2008

so excited!

My parents will be here tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!


Stefanie said...

With 5 hundred pounds of goodies!

Kristin said...

Stef is right. I talked to your mom yesterday and she was telling me how much they were bringing :).

I am very excited for you to see your parents...I sent a "hug" with your mom.

Michelle said...

Guten tag, Kristin!

I am so glad that you're parents are coming and get to truly see the city! They'll love it!

And I can't wait to hear about the "goodies" they bring!

Audrey said...

Who-hoo! I'll bet they have landed by now!

Julie said...

I look forward to hearing about what you are getting too. So fun to get goodies!!!

Yes, we will be at the camps until the last week of July... so let me know if it will work out for you.

Thanks for the birthday greeting... I appreciate it.

rae-anna46 said...

Have an awesome time with them - it will be so fun to have them visit!!!