Tuesday, July 1, 2008

they are here :)

My parents got here safe and sound. We are so grateful! Yes, they brought tons of goodies, including birthday gifts for Seth and some Christmas gifts for us. My mom is seriously way ahead of everyone. One lost piece of luggage yet again for them. I talked to the guy at the airport tonight and said they located it in Amsterdam and it will be here tomorrow. Yeah!

So they got maybe 4 hours sleep in the last day. They did pretty well this afternoon and early evening. We went out to dinner, spent just a little time on Vaci, and drove around a little bit.

Tomorrow we plan on going to Szentendre and taking a cruise down the Danube from there back to Budapest. We might explore the castle district as well...all depends on Seth!

Will blog again soon with pics of the grandparents with their cutie grandson!


Stefanie said...

Daniel isn't there, how can you post a picture of them with their cute grandson? ;)

Julie said...

That is so funny, my mother in law lives here...not sure if you know that and she goes back to America every summer. She asked me mid june for Christmas gift ideas, so that she can get them... BEFORE my birthday...I told her to wait until after my birthday so that I can think more clearly. Ha ha

Do tell me how you like the boat ride to Szentendre...I have never done it...and how much. I bet that is fun.