Saturday, June 28, 2008

3 times in 1 week

That's right folks! We went to the city center three times this week. We sure are enjoying these summer days of no school and no other jobs. This is the first summer ever (since we were kids) where neither Kevin nor myself have worked other jobs in the summer. We really can't do anything here, and our visa type won't permit us to either. So many Americans left to go back for the summer, and I thought it might be boring around here. Not so! We are making the most of this free time and enjoying exploring about.

Instead of taking public, we actually drove into the city today. We figured traffic would be less since it's the weekend. Boy, were we wrong! There was SO much going on, and the weekend is filled with countless huge tour buses. They randomly park in the middle of the street, thus causing much congestion to get around. We made it through just fine, even figured out all on our own side streets to turn on since there aren't too many places where you can take a left.

Our original plan was just to walk to the city park behind Hősök tere and sit and read. We ended up only doing that for a bit because there was so much to see and do that we had not planned. We rarely ever eat out because it's so expensive and we can't afford it, but we finally went to Arribas for the first time, which is similar to Chipotle, one of our favorites in the US. Although it was good and the closest thing to Chipotle here, it just wasn't the same. We were grateful though for such a treat!

I was told Santana was going to be performing at Heroes' Square some time this summer, and we discovered that tonight was the night. They closed down all of the major roads near Hősök tere and were setting up for this major event. By the way, this is the only FREE concert on his tour. Pretty cool that it is here. We didn't even know it was today and couldn't stay because we had to get Seth home for bed, but we did walk around, see them setting up, and listen to sound checks.

(The part of Andrássy út closed down...SO nice and quiet there!)

Before we found a place to sit and relax, we did walk around the Széchenyi-gyógyfürdő (Széchenyi baths). I have not been there yet this time around, but I am greatly looking forward to going back to these baths sometime soon. I LOVE them! People from all over Europe come here, and the architecture is just amazing and beautiful. There are two major pools outside and then countless rooms inside of medicinal baths, containing different minerals and whatnot. My favorite was one of the pools outside because it has a whirlpool in the middle. So fun!

We also walked by the circus. I have heard people talk about it, but I never knew where it was. Now I know! I really want to visit the zoo again, too, with Seth. It is in that same area. That will be on the to-do list for later this summer or even the fall.

I was bound and determined to take more pictures of that area since our battery died the other day. Kevin laughs at my stopping every few minutes to take a picture of something. Again, my love of architecture can't help but want to capture such beautiful things here, even if it's not beautiful to anyone else. I certainly have fun looking and finding things I like. I started a new Picasa web album of the black and white ones I took. You can look if you want!


Kristin said...

I love the pictures! I would love to travel in Europe and see all of the architechture and history. Enjoy!!!

Julie said...

Hey Kristen,

I am loving reading your blog. Thanks for posting, even though we are near each other (well not for the summer) I am bummed we haven't connected. I think we would get along swimmingly.

I am so impressed with you all going into the city. Many people who live up in Diosd and Erd are afraid to drive/go into the city. Good for you all. Enjoy it. If you guys want to come down and visit our English should we could hook you up with a place to stay (the dorm is noisy... but we could help you find a cheap place nearby) And the "beach" is right here and you could see the missions project if you want. There is a super cool park nearby that I heard about that rents bikes and has a swim place for little kids/babies I want to check out. You could come with me to see it. Let me know if you are interested in a little road trip. Every Tuesday is sports day and Kevin could play sports with the campers and staff... we could play with the boys. Seth could nap in my room and you could hang out with me during the day. Think about it. It is only a train ride away or a 2/2.5 hour drive.

Oh and the circus is interesting. It is full of butts. Ha ha. Seriously, lots of women in g-strings doing stunts. Kind of strange and the elephant comes right up to you, a little scary. But way fun and I would definitely go.

Kristin said...

Hey, I think you might be online right now...not quite sure. I hope that you have a great time with your parents!