Thursday, June 19, 2008

moving day

Today we helped Pam and Oliver move into their new place just up the hill. I am excited that they will be living closer, especially now that Pam will be home during the day with their baby boy (YEAH for another boy!) due in October. I can hang out with someone!!!

Spending time in a nice spacious house makes me miss our house in the States. It wasn't very big and didn't have anything "cool" about it, but it was ours and we had room to move and store things. Oh how I miss our kitchen! Two cabinets up top and on the bottom here is not enough room to store any and every kitchen thing you need. I am finding other alternatives, but I always feel like our house is a mess because things are just all over the place as we try to make/find room.

Oh, we had to lower the crib mattress tonight as I found Seth sitting up in his crib and pulling himself up using the top railing on his crib. He was just smiling away as he realized he could to it. Who knows how much longer until he actually would have flung himself over and fallen. What a stinker! But such a cute stinker whose hair is turning more blonde by the minute just like his dad's. :)


Anonymous said...

At least it's not gray/white like his grandpa's! 12 days and counting... Love Dad D

Stefanie said...

Awww....picture! Wait until mom and dad come- when you see the huge pile of presents you will not have any room to walk in your house!

Aimee said...

I love that his hair is turning blonde :) What a cutie-pie! Can't wait to see more pictures. I'm sure you guys are SO excited for your parents to come out again. Wish I could fly out there to see you!!