Friday, June 20, 2008

is it friday already?!

The little man is on the move. He gets around. So glad we lowered the crib mattress last night. When I got him up this morning, Seth was actually standing up in the crib holding on to the railing! He was so proud of himself for doing it but got upset when he realized he didn't know how to sit back down once he got up in that standing position. I will try to capture a picture of him doing it one of these days. Oh, and if it were up to him, he would never wear clothes. He loves to be naked (although in a diaper). I kept telling him that he could crawl around this summer without one when it got hot sometimes, so I'm keeping good on my promise. He loves it!

We had to go get pictures taken for our residency permits today. Since Seth can sit up now without any help, he was able to sit up for his picture, unlike his passport picture this winter when he was a newborn and they had to crop the carseat out of the picture. He smiled and everything. It's a cute picture. On Monday we will actually go to immigration with our pictures, "stamp" thing, and paperwork. And $400 later, we should have residency permits. So stinkin' expensive!

When we were at the mall getting the pictures taken, I discovered a little store that is like a miniature Michael's, the arts and crafts store. It is much smaller and has only a fraction of the stuff, but it was fun to see that I could get some things here if I really wanted to do something artsy on my own.

I tried a couple new recipes this week in my goal to be better at menu planning. (We'll have to share/trade some, Kelly!) It really takes away the stress every day of thinking and wondering what we'll eat for dinner. I was pleased to gain a couple new recipes, and two of them had lots of fresh vegetables. I am not good at chopping up tomato, and many recipes called for that this week. I used to hate tomatoes, but now I love them. Funny how your tastes change.


Stefanie said...

I can't believe he is already crawling!!! I love the picture!

New Beginnings said...

So he figured out how to crawl? That was quick, just the other night he hadn't ...very coool.

Praying that the residence permit thing goes very smooth and you are in and out of there quick. Sometimes it can be a sit and wait process.

Michelle said...

Love the pic of Seth! He's just too cute.

As for tomatoes, you need a really good sharp knife. We have a knife sharpener and Justin loves to use it. Funny, huh? Maybe when we come over, Justin will bring the sharpener for you. He's sharpened the Lang's knives before, no joke!