Wednesday, June 18, 2008

saying goodbye

We had to say goodbye to another family tonight. We had a farewell party for them last night. This business of saying goodbye to people is no fun. Nickle's, we will miss you!

Funny how people respond to living here differently, I mean this business of constantly saying hello and goodbye. Some make the most out of every moment they have with people while others stay detached so as not to develop relationships to only have to be ripped apart. I
understand both responses, although one has been deemed "unhealthy." Can you guess which one? I think the response you have to this depends on how long you have lived here and/or plan to live here. Different mindset if you're short term versus long term...

I don't know how long we'll be here. We've committed to be here at least one more year, but we don't know what God has in store for us after that. Please be praying about that for us. We have to make decisions regarding this in the upcoming months. AHHH!


Stefanie said...

Daniel told me he would like you to come back :)

Julie said...

Hey Kristen... we went to Calvery for a while too and loved it. But as Eli got older he wanted to be in a Sunday School class like Sam, so we went to Danube because they actually taught kids his age. HE LOVES it. So, for him we have been going there. I miss the friends and worship at Calvary though!!!

Okay, so onto your post, it is so hard to say goodbye. It is such a blessing getting to know the people here for such a short time...and knowing we will be here for longer. But God helps us meet new people. I am excited to know there is another mommy out there with a little boy my age... so we must get together. We leave to go to our English camps next Thursday... so we are going to be gone a month...but can we get together before we go? Would you guys like to come here for dinner... what does your Sat look like? Let me know. My number is 06.30.371.8018
Hope it works out!!!

New Beginnings said...

Just wanted to say hi. Slowly adjusting to life in America. Finally able to sleep the night last night with out waking up. Catching up on Email since I have to come to the library to do that.

Miss everyone in Hungary.