Thursday, May 29, 2008


The piece of furniture that I was staining yesterday is now all put together and in it's place. It has more shelf space, which is a good thing. The hard thing with lots of open shelf space (that's not for books) is to not let it look cluttered. I will be working on that. The transformation in our house will continue throughout the weekend.

The weather cooled down into the low 80's today, and there was even a breeze! It felt wonderful. Glad for the transformation in the weather!

Lots of time will be spent during this next week with people who will be moving back to the US. That mainly means Whittington! We are very sad to say goodbye to her, but we are glad that God will be working in and through her wherever she goes.

So many things to do, people to see, and places to be in the next week or so...

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