Wednesday, May 28, 2008

stuff everywhere

So it was like 100 degrees today. Okay, maybe only 90, but nevertheless, it was SO hot!!! I have been working like a mad woman staining this shelve-cupboard-type thing we got, and that had to be done outside. Yes, it was hot.

This weekend is the big switcheroo weekend. Gary and Kim are coming to collect their furniture that we have been borrowing this year to move into the house they just bought. We are trying to unload all of our things from their stuff and move into the other family's furniture that we are going to be borrowing next year. On top of that we have acquired a few pieces of furniture ourselves, and we are trying to get that all set up and ready. There is stuff everywhere.


I hate living in this sort of chaos. I know it's just temporary, but everything is out everywhere. We are in need of a few more smaller furniture items, so until we get some of those, things are just going to have to be stacked on the ground and whatnot. I think the hardest part is that they really don't have closets or pantries or any kind of storage in this place, so if there isn't a piece of furniture or some sort of thing to put something away in, it is visible for all to see. Thus, I feel that it always looks cluttered. And I have really been working on that!

At least for now I am sitting in front of a fan blowing cool air on me.

By the way, the fans goes away this weekend too...

Oh, and I'm sure you are thinking, "Just go out and buy a fan!" Yah, I plan on doing that once we have a car! These things are difficult when you don't have a car. :)


Anonymous said...

Just make sure there is a fan by July 1st! Love, Dad

Audrey said...

How did staining go yesterday? I hope you and Seth had a good day in spite of the SERIOUS heat. Today I need to venture out to a Tesco in the city for food stuffs. The Plus next door has very little, and I'm going to attempt a dish for English Home Fellowship tonight. Yikes. First full-blown cooking experience in Hungary and others have to eat it! But maybe I'll find a fan that I can carry while I'm there. :) Oh, and THANK YOU for taking me to IKEA. I hope you and Whittington got enough sleep afterward. Love ya!

Stefanie said...

Take our weather- it's 55. I'd love for it to be hot so we could go swimming!