Friday, May 30, 2008

the "international" section

AHHH!!! The clutter and disaster area in our house continues to grow as furniture comes and goes. I know it'll be this way for a little longer since we don't have a big wardrobe to hang our clothes (no closets here) so those are everywhere, and we don't have any bookshelves for all of our books or all of Seth's books and toys in his room.

We are incredibly grateful to both the Rickard's and the Loe's for this furniture sharing they have been doing and are doing for these two years. The hardest part this past year is that it hasn't felt like home since none of it was ours. We just felt like we were living in someone else's place for awhile, kind of like house sitting except with our own dishes, clothes and books here. We did get a couple of things that are now our own, and I think it will feel a little more like home with those things. I also am anxious to put up a few pictures I just got this month!!! That will also help make it look more like a home instead of all blank white walls.

I put away our food in the new shelf cupboard thing today. I am trying to organize it. The last shelf of the cupboard on both sides is filled with American food! Yeah for yummy treats for those days when you need a taste from home. I took a picture a few weeks ago when I was in the grocery store of the "International" section. Well, I included only the American food section, but thought some of you might enjoy seeing what American foods they have here for outrageous prices.The items and their price at the current exchange rate:

Maple syrup $6.81
Chocolate syrup $7.46
Peanut butter (creamy and chunky!) $7.46
Instant oatmeal $7.46
Pancake mix $7.46
Brownie mix (walnut and original!) $11.23
Chocolate chip cookie mix $7.79
Muffin mix $9.93
Marshmallows $4.80

Some of these food items were not here back when I was here in 2002, and I don't think any of them were here when I was here in 1998. I hardly ever buy any of that because it's so expensive. It cracks me up that it's either generic brand stuff or Betty Crocker! I bought a cookie mix twice, only because I ruined the first batch. I also bought the syrup and peanut butter before. I LOVE JIF peanut butter, and this generic stuff cannot compare. But again, better than nothing! My friend Leah and my mom have both sent the best Betty Crocker brownies to me before, and my aunts and uncles stocked me up on any cake and brownie mixes I wanted while back home!

As I'm sitting here daydreaming about food, I realized that we have received a package every month since we got here, almost always with some beloved food item. Anyone care to send us some love in June?! :)


Stefanie said...

Mom said Kevin cried about not getting one, so she's sending him one in June. I think she has to being it is his birthday and all. :)

Stefanie said...

P.S. I forgot to tell you- Ericka checked, no Bowen in Hungary :(