Monday, May 26, 2008

glorious day

Guess who has their computer finally all back and working like it was intended to?! Ah, what a glorious day!

And Seth turned 6 months old today. Where has the time gone?! He certainly makes life more fun, and we are incredibly grateful for him. I must say that we are getting spoiled rotten with such an easy baby, and I'm sure we're in for a rude awakening with another one some day in the future. We just started him on food, and that is such a blast! His faces are too funny!

The weather is getting warm and staying warm it appears. It has been warm for awhile, but we are projected to reach near 90 degrees Fahrenheit this week. What this means is that I will be trying to cook with the oven less and less (not sure how to get around that...searching for a grill...) and that it will take longer and longer for our clothes to dry. And then as the hot temperatures continue, it will mean that I will try not to move since there is no air conditioning, and I will spend most of my days finding places that do. :)


Stefanie said...

No air is certainly a bummer.

Anonymous said...

Get to warm feel free to come visit the library its nice and cool over here. Always like having vistors.


Life with Ash and Ave said...

Can you invest in a good fan?

Hope you are doing well and enjoying that adorable baby boy of yours!