Saturday, May 31, 2008


I love statistics. I just like math in general, but I love stats. It's so fun. And yes, I am weird like that. So today, on this last day of May, I will give you some stats about my blog for the month of May.

During the month of May, there were...

338 different people who looked at my blog,
from 33 countries,
and preferring 19 different languages to look at it.

Also, my favorite thing to look at every once in awhile is what keywords people searched that led them to my blog. Here are the top 3...
1. kevin and kristen yaiko
2. icsb blog
3. kurtos kalacs

Other funny/popular searches...
yaikos are hungary
booger love
black licorice and gas
chapel ideas

There were 79 different search terms used just this past month alone that led people to my blog. So funny!

I laugh because after the US and Hungary being the top two countries to visit my blog (which makes sense because I have lived in both and know people in both!), Brazil is the next top country to visit my blog. I don't know anyone in Brazil!

I have no idea who reads this unless you leave a comment. So besides my sister, brother, dad, cousin, and a couple of friends...WHO ARE YOU? Not many comments. Really, that's okay. I never started blogging to do anything more than just write down my thoughts and experiences as we moved and lived overseas. To be even more precise, I wanted to write it all down, even the bad and stressful and trying times, so that I could one day go back and see how God was working all along in my life and in those around me, kind of like the Israelites picking up stones from the Jordan River to remember what God had done. Nothing more.

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Anonymous said...

"Who are you"
On the main Blog page it flashes the most recent updated Blog's,and as they go by I click on the titles that seem interesting to me.
"Following the dream"
looked promising to me !

I will pray for Ryan,and Thank You for the sacrafices you have made serving as Missionaries.

Some Random Christian
in Northern IL. ;)