Saturday, May 10, 2008

rummage sale

Yes, today was the day. And boy, let me say it was quite a day. I learned a lot. I'll be better prepared for the one next year. It was crazy. I realized that I am a novice rummage sale shopper, and I don't understand this whole thing. Crazy.

Here are a few pictures...
The sale started at 9:00 a.m. Hungarians started lining up at 5:30 a.m. Here was the start of the line where they had to wait. Laci is in the center holding everyone back. He told Kevin that they were there that early, when most of the people who were selling things didn't really start showing up until 6:00 a.m.

Everything from clothes, to kitchen items, to furniture, to even CARS were sold.

There wasn't an empty spot anywhere to park in the village of Diósd today. They parked all over, even on the major road behind the school, lining both sides of every street and making it difficult for any cars to get through!

Kevin and I were able to get several things we needed, which was awesome. We had many offers made for Seth. We didn't take any. :) He seriously is the best, most relaxed kid ever. He hung out with all sorts of people at the sale and charmed all the ladies. There was a lot of baby clothes for sale, but we are not in need of clothing because our families have been providing all of that for us!

I was completely shocked at the turnout of Hungarians at this sale. It must have a good reputation or something. I was told that they mainly come for the American clothing, which is definitely of better quality than anything I have found here. Clothing here is super expensive and less durable. I saw people carrying armloads of clothes. Amazing.

I learned a lot in the process on how things are done. I learned not to wait on asking how much something was. I learned that if I want something, I email or call even before the sale if they let you know ahead of time what they will be selling. I learned that you have to be aggressive, that you barter, that you just don't wait! Like I said, I am a novice rummage sale shopper.


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