Sunday, May 11, 2008

mother's day

Today was the first Mother's Day for me! I must say that I had quite a nice day. I never expect much on days like today because it's really not important or a big deal to me. But it was really nice hanging out with my boys. We went into Budapest for church and out for lunch afterwards. It was a real treat! By the way, Hungarians do celebrate Mother's Day, but their day was last Sunday.

And gorgeous days like today where we walk downtown Budapest and figure our way around without a map or having any idea of where to go, make me realize just how much I love it here. It is such a beautiful city. I was trying to snap a few pictures here and there, but I didn't get many good shots. I will spend lots of time down there this summer hopefully and will take much better pictures.

Our evening was topped off by hanging out with Whittington. We are trying to get as much time in with her before she leaves.

But here are just a few pictures of Budapest...

The Lánchíd (Chain Bridge)... We crossed over the Danube on three different bridges today, but by far the Chain Bridge is my most favorite.

No school tomorrow, so our weekend continues one more day. No plans either, but the weather is supposed to continue being gorgeous. YEAH! Happy Mother's Day to all moms!

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Stefanie said...

Can you send some of the nice weather to Chicago? It was 45 and raining here...Daniel had to wear a hat when we went out to lunch.